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Thinking of Getting a Business Valuation?

Several times in the business growth cycle, a business could need a business valuation - sometimes there is a decision point looming and sometimes the valuation is a requirement. For Planning The valuation can shore up planning for many transitions in the business - When you're thinking about selling your business in [...]

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Are These Tax Myths True?

Love it or hate it, taxes are something we get to deal with annually. Although taxes can be a burden on us all, there are some tax myths that might give us a new perspective. Here are 5 common tax myths that aren't quite true: Tax Myth 1: Filing Taxes is Voluntary [...]

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Tolbert CPA LLC: Pt 2 Assumptions You Had About Accountants…

Before diving in, ensure you check out Part One of Assumptions You Had About Accountants here! Part two of Assumptions You Had About Accountants [they] are: "They are there under pressure and stress all the time." And "their job is stressful." Okay you hit that whole variety of opinions there. Okay, yeah [...]

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Should You Invest In A Franchise?

When it comes to investing in a franchise, if it’s run properly, some of the main pros are the fact that everything is practically laid out for the franchisee. They figure out all of the ins and outs as they already have: a credit card processor set up, software to track your orders from [...]

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Tolbert CPA LLC: Are these assumptions true about accountants?

Some assumptions that y'all had about accountants are that they hate their jobs, are perfectionist, and their jobs are boring. it's good that they worked really hard and negative stereotype would be that they could be boring well boring I am NOT shocked by that at all because that's exactly what I [...]

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