San Antonio Small Business Debt Collection

How are things going for you? Is there something we can do to help your business during this final quarter of 2017? Do let me know. One nice way to make your quarter better is to get an infusion of cash. However, this is too often a rare occurrence. Too many San Antonio businesses rely on [...]

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A Story, and Tax Planning 2017 for San Antonio Businesses

Story time today. Here we are, with Q3 of 2017 in the rearview mirror, and it's amazing how quickly things move. (And, by the way, this reminds me: have you considered making further pro-active moves to minimize your taxes for this year? With a few months left in the year, we still can make some positive moves [...]

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Why Price Reductions are Bad Positioning for (Almost) Any San Antonio Business

Our hearts remain with those in Houston and, now, South Florida, who have been dealing with such a massive disruption of their lives -- and during a time of year that is already one of the busiest. The IRS has set up a "catch all" page for those cleaning up from Harvey, Irma, and other [...]

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Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners in San Antonio

As you may have heard, "Labor Day" originated during the time of 7-day workweeks of 12-hour days, in the late 1800's, as our country was in the throes of the Industrial Revolution. Times have certainly changed since then -- and our economy is no longer driven by the manufacturing jobs of the past. Yes, [...]

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