Tolbert’s Guide To Keeping Financial Records

The other day, the New York Times ran a story that spoke to one of my favorite topics: keeping our minds clear. The subject was the seemingly-endless barrage of news stories about the current administration, and the challenges of navigating your mind to be free of it all. Whomever you voted for, whatever your political [...]

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Dreaming Big Must Come Before Financial Planning by Sherry Tolbert

You'd probably be surprised if you sat in on some of the meetings I have with some of my tax planning and preparation clients. This is by no means the majority of my clients, but there is certainly a good subset of people who have piled away a ton of financial resources ... but who [...]

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How To Buy Happiness In San Antonio

Not a huge amount of "tax news" these days ... we're watching Congressional movement on tax reform, Obamacare, etc. but right now, it's all mostly just talk. But that's politics, I suppose. Which is a good argument for not diving too deeply into it. Now ... moving to things far more immediately relevant: I've written [...]

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Sherry Tolbert’s Three Ways To Live Out Your Retirement Lifestyle In Advance

First off, now that May is upon us, we're moving into a different mode. We have a few clients on extension (and with whom we will continue to correspond), but our attention is now more turned to other matters: tax planning (more about that soon), working with San Antonio businesses and other individuals with year-round [...]

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