A Tax Day Thank You From Sherry Tolbert

Lifting my heavily-lidded eyes to peer up through the haze of government forms and procedures, I peek at the calendar, which today said: April 17. (If any of the above sounded slightly poetic, that's the coffee talking; I'm a San Antonio tax accountant, after all.) Yes, today is an extremely busy day for us here [...]

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Considering Filing A Tax Extension In San Antonio? Read This First.

Last week, I wrote all about those deadlines. <shiver> I know for a fact that the very word can strike pain and anxiety into the hearts of certain of my clients (who shall remain nameless). So, this week ... well, I'm going to give you the chance to exhale a little. It'll be like a [...]

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Sherry Tolbert’s List of What Else Is Due On April 18th

It's "go time" around here. Our phones are buzzing, the email inboxes are overflowing, but we are focused like a laser beam on giving our clients the BEST service for their time (and wallet), and ensuring that nobody is paying Uncle Sam more than they should. We've invested a lot into this time of year [...]

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