Sherry Tolbert’s Simple Two-Step Trick for Conquering Procrastination

Apparently, the Republican Congressional leadership understands the impulse of procrastination. Bringing the health care reform bill to an actual vote last week (after months of touting their intentions to repeal the ACA) proved, in fact, to be a difficult task. And so until we hear otherwise, we remain with the status quo. Your opinion of [...]

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4 Very Common Mistakes San Antonio Investors Should Avoid When Opening An IRA

There are so many different messages coming out of DC, per the media, that if you try to make sense of it all through the mass media lens, then you're bound to work at cross purposes with yourself. There's the Republican health care bill, and the current version of the bill is dominating political headlines. [...]

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Why You Should Consider Giving Away Your Tax Refund by Sherry Tolbert

This past Sunday, the NCAA revealed the brackets for March Madness. The country will be inflicted with a particular form of hysteria these next few weeks, but unfortunately, this little national hoops holiday isn't one which my staff and I get much chance to participate in. We're too busy doing your taxes! Yep, this is [...]

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Four Tips On Gently Encouraging Your College Graduate Living At Home To Independence by Sherry Tolbert

It's a hard world out there, for sure. (You know it's tough when they can't even get the Best Picture award right at the Oscars!) And for our young millennials, it sure seems like things are harder than they were when we were entering the workplace life. If you haven't already watched this, I highly [...]

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