The Heart Behind Year-End Giving – Sherry Tolbert’s Three Key Ideas

Lost amid all of the Thanksgiving and holiday noise was the fact that a federal judge just blocked the implementation of the new overtime rules that small businesses were scrambling to prepare for this year. They had been scheduled to take effect on 12/1 of this year, but right now they're in limbo. If your [...]

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Sherry Tolbert’s Thanksgiving Encouragement

This week of Thanksgiving seems like it hurtled its way towards us, and suddenly the holidays are upon us. Perhaps it's because of the elections, maybe the weather ... but for some reason, it feels very sudden. And that's probably a good thing, because it's our chance to take a breath as a nation, and [...]

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A San Antonio Parent’s Four Step Guide On Teaching Money Management For Kids

Now that the elections are over, we are all adjusting to the idea of President Donald Trump. Even typing those words is an odd experience (as it would also have been to type "President Hillary Clinton") ... we've had eight years of President Barack Obama, and however we feel about all of it, it's always [...]

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Sherry Tolbert’s Story of Real Wealth

I'm specifically putting this together on Monday, November 7th, before Election Day, before we know the outcome of our long national sojourn. So many have been writing things like "I can't wait for this election to be over!" and I have felt the same. But now is when the real work begins. Again, today is [...]

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Sherry Tolbert’s Breakdown of the Candidates Tax Plans

As I promised, I have some information for you about the broad strokes of the potential income and business tax policies of our candidates for President this year. It's obviously a politically-charged issue, and so I've drawn from my own analysis, as well as the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. But I also hope to turn down [...]

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