9 Questions For San Antonio Taxpayers To Consider for Tax Planning

I wanted to put this on your radar before the next few weeks, when (apparently) our nation (and perhaps even our little village of San Antonio) will be going down in flames. If we are to believe either/both sides of this nasty election, if Trump/Clinton steals/wins/loses the election, then we will have chaos/civil-war/armageddon and life/politics/Facebook [...]

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Four Key Recordkeeping Principles For San Antonio Families To Protect You In The Case Of An Audit

Well, our "extension season" is behind us (as of Monday the 17th), and we here at Team Tolbert can finally turn our full attention to what's coming down the pike in 2017. With the election brewing around us, Congress isn't doing *anything* right now about tax legislation ... so, as usual, there will be some [...]

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How Can Changing Your B2B Approach Grow Your San Antonio Business?

If you work in the B2B (Business to Business) space, I have some thoughts for you here. We're cranking out the work this week (because, as a reminder, October 17th is the deadline to ensure your 2015 extended tax return is filed. It's also the deadline for contributions to self-employed retirement accounts and for a [...]

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Sherry Tolbert’s Three Keys To Avoiding Unproductive Meetings

I know that I'm not the only one who deals with this. How many times have you started work early -- and the next thing you knew it was 4PM ... and your instant reaction was: I haven't made any progress today on my most important stuff? If you're like the rest of us: quite [...]

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