Dear San Antonio Companies, Are Your Email Newsletters Working?

I get a lot of replies and personal comments about the emails that I send out, both to our business owners and to our family/individual clients. Today (and perhaps a little more in future weeks), if you'll permit me, I'm going to peel back the curtain on some of the thinking behind why we do [...]

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One Common Reason Many San Antonio Companies Go Out Of Business

Well, as we are indeed rounding into the final quarter of 2016, how are things going in your business? I'd love to know what we could be doing to help you finish the year strong. I hope it's obvious to you, but the reason we exist at all is simply to make your financial life [...]

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Why Overnight Success Does Not Happen Overnight For San Antonio Businesses

Labor Day weekend is past ... but no rest for the San Antonio business owner, right? Sure, you may have taken some time off on Monday, but chances are (if you're anything like me, or most of my business owner clients), it can be hard to take a "vacation" from your family's livelihood. We're headed [...]

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